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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Leaking intel?

Treason? Maybe.  Espionage? Definitely.  Prosecutable?  Of course.  Immoral?  Hell No.

It's obviously completely screwed up that our government is keeping records of citizens' cell phone records.   Let's face it though, it's not like the government hasn't been tapping phones since phones were invented guys.  Get real.  While Snowden should be applauded for bringing to light such a blatant violation of our constitution, it's no real surprise that these things are happening.  The real surprise is the lack of foresight the intelligence community has in letting private contractors have access to such damaging information. 

Anyone else notice that Obama has invoked the Espionage Act more times than any other pres in history?   Combined?

It's amazing.  He's more of a...'socialist'  than FDR and more of a 'warmonger' than GWB (statistically we can see this by comparing the total amount of money spent on foreign military actions during the two administrations)  

Really, I haven't talked to a single (OK, well maybe ONE) person who voted for Obama who is pleased with what he's done.  At least a lot of people who voted for GWB were happy with what he was doing...


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bangladesh, Oklahoma, Texas, etc...

So, bad things happen.  There's something about priorities that needs to be said, though.  Build your home in Tornado alley, don't be surprised when it heads to Oz every few years.    That's almost as awesome as building your house in a flood zone and being surprised when, every ten years, your shit floats away.  What's even more awesome is making the tax payers foot the bill for your idiocy.  Yet another example of 'i deserve to do what I want, and make other people pay for it' 

Want cheap clothes? then either get rid of unions and minimum wage, or stop bitching about people who die in factories that make the things you're wearing.  Oh, and by the way, those 'poor' people in Bangladesh are WAY better off than they would be without those 'horrible' jobs.  Last time I checked, I showed up to work because I wanted to.  I'm pretty sure if people in Bangladesh didn't want to work they wouldn't.  It's not Disney's fault that Bangladesh has no worker protection legislation to speak of. 

Jesus people, focus, the Fed is printing 80,000,000,000 dollars a month, we've got to be coming close to 1,000,000 dead via the war on terror, and you're worried about tornadoes and factory collapses?

Get your priorities right.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

End The Fed!

Finally, a somewhat mainstream editorial favoring the End the Fed movement, supported by Ron Paul posted an article regarding a video explaining what's up with the Federal Reserve, and why we should make it go away.

check it out


Friday, March 29, 2013

Bombing in Iraq

So there's an election coming up in Iraq, and that means it's bombing season (still? again?) reports  that 23 were killed and 130 more wounded in five bombings involving 5 Shiite mosques, coming ten days bombings killed 56+ and wounding another 200+.  

Effect?  Encourage the election of someone who continues to rely on a U.S. presence to 'protect the democratic process' more than likely.  Damn the war on terror is awesome.  I like how we keep pumping money into this area, like it's ever going to do any good.

and North Korea shifts to a 'war footing'


Stay scared everyone.


More on North Korea

The L.A. times reports that Kim is making the men in charge 'nervous' here in the U.S.  I wonder how we make him feel on a daily basis?  I'm thinking the huge economic sanctions and threats of military action are just great for his peace of mind.  Most people probably think he's a ruthless, arrogant, maniacal dictator with designs on destroying the 'peace and freedom' we enjoy as U.S. Citizens.  I can see why those people might think this way, given that most news agencies, and even Hollywood, have been slamming North Korea induced terror down our throats for the last couple years. 

The article says:

"The Pentagon on Thursday took the unprecedented step of announcing that it had dispatched two nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bombers to fly a round-trip mission from their base in Missouri and drop dummy bombs in South Korea. Also this month, the Pentagon sent nuclear-capable B-52 bombers over the peninsula and announced that it had bolstered missile defense forces in Alaska with 14 interceptors in response to North Korea's threats of missile attacks."

Jee, I wonder, who do you think is more nervous, him or us?

I wonder who has more good reason to be nervous?

Dumb question I guess...


Why is Online Poker illegal?

Well, the Federal Government (and state governments that have separate legislation) tells us a story about consumer protection (just look at the funds that various poker sites have embezzled from their customers), and protection against money laundering. 

Realistically, it has more to do with the Fed not getting their cut.  Money laundering is the process by which money earned illegally is 'washed' and becomes part of the white market economy.  This happens in other areas in various ways, most having to do with front businesses providing legitimate services, but perhaps falsifying records in various ways.  Basically, find a way to pay taxes on money you earned selling drugs, and it becomes legal.  Online Gambling allowed people to launder money without paying taxes to the federal government (or state governments, for that matter).  As we know from various bumper stickers and t-shirts, the government hates competition.  It worked harder and faster to shut down online poker as a viable way to both earn untaxed income and launder money than it has on many other organized crime organizations that use more conventional laundering routes. Evidence: the continued existence of the Italian Mafia for well over 100 years as a criminal presence in the U.S.  As long as those more conventional routes involve paying taxes as part of their laundering process, why bother? 

Currently,  Washington State is working on legislation to regulate online poker, so that those wishing to run poker sites allowing online gambling sites catering to  players in that state will be required to have a physical location in Washington according to  This means the business will have to pay taxes, and keep U.S. based records on the financial activities of its customers.  This doesn't prevent those players from laundering money, necessarily (although admittedly it makes it a bit harder), it just makes it so those laundering money have to pay taxes on that money (just like those gambling in a regular casino with large amounts of money). 

While it's nice for those of us that like to play poker online with legitimately earned income, it's yet another example of those in power using that power to make sure they're getting the money they so richly 'deserve.'   It's also another example of the government further regulating the internet as a whole, which, in my opinion, generally means less freedom and more ability to control a population. 

Oh well, it could be worse, I mean, North Korea could invade or something.....


The North Korea Situation

The Washington Post reports on North Korean situation today, in what can only be called one of the more obvious statements I've seen as a headline for a story recently.  "Our policy toward North Korea isn't working."  Really?

A starving population and a government with nukes trying to figure out how to launch them at us, slowling losing reasons to avoid launching them at as, as they 'get away with' more and more 'unacceptable' behavior.

I saw two movies recently, "Red Dawn" and "Olympus Has Fallen."  Both movies have to do with invasions from North Korea.  Later this year "Whitehouse Down" will be coming out, also a Noth Korean invasion. 

Propaganda Much?  It makes me wonder what's going down in the near future with regards to that red-headed stepchild of the nuclear world.  I wouldn't be too surprised, as the War on Terror seems to be calming down in the Middle East, to see an effort by our Commanders in Chief in the next couple decades to go after North Korea.  I guess there's not alot that would surprise me with regards to our sensationalist and imperialist foreign policy, but the signals are all there, more blatant than usual. I mean really, Olympus has Fallen" and Whitehouse Down"?  They're not even trying to disguise it, just rile us all up and instigate some deep racial hatred in a short amount of time.  Just remember, we're the ones who are trying to dominate them at this point, not the other way around.  Yet.  I don't really blame them for being all pissed off at the U.S. 

As Mike Chilnoy, the author of the above article, states:

"Every time Pyongyang has faced pressure, sanctions and coercion — as opposed to a U.S. willingness to engage — it has responded in precisely the same way: by doing the opposite of whatever the heightened pressure was designed to achieve. "

Surprise Surprise. 


Breaks over!

Alright, breaks over, time to get back to this again.  I haven't been keeping touch with what's going on in the world, I've had more pressing matters to deal with recently, but all that is relatively under control now.  So let's take a look at some news headlines and see if I can get back into the swing of things.  


Some few of the things I find interesting: