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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bangladesh, Oklahoma, Texas, etc...

So, bad things happen.  There's something about priorities that needs to be said, though.  Build your home in Tornado alley, don't be surprised when it heads to Oz every few years.    That's almost as awesome as building your house in a flood zone and being surprised when, every ten years, your shit floats away.  What's even more awesome is making the tax payers foot the bill for your idiocy.  Yet another example of 'i deserve to do what I want, and make other people pay for it' 

Want cheap clothes? then either get rid of unions and minimum wage, or stop bitching about people who die in factories that make the things you're wearing.  Oh, and by the way, those 'poor' people in Bangladesh are WAY better off than they would be without those 'horrible' jobs.  Last time I checked, I showed up to work because I wanted to.  I'm pretty sure if people in Bangladesh didn't want to work they wouldn't.  It's not Disney's fault that Bangladesh has no worker protection legislation to speak of. 

Jesus people, focus, the Fed is printing 80,000,000,000 dollars a month, we've got to be coming close to 1,000,000 dead via the war on terror, and you're worried about tornadoes and factory collapses?

Get your priorities right.


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