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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Alternatives to FRN (Federal Reserve Notes)

So what happens if (read when) the dollar crashes.  How will we get food, clothing, heat, etc?  Well, it won't take very long for competing currencies to emerge, mostly backed by state and private holdings of gold and silver.  These currencies will either BE physical gold, silver, and copper, or will represent actual amounts of these metals (or perhaps some other holder of value) held in vaults somewhere, where those value holders are actually audited and examined for accuracy.  Given the current value of the dollar relative to other goods (like gold, silver, etc..) it seems likely that those who have invested in actual property (rather than, say, the GLD etf or gold options, shares, or other pieces of paper that represent gold in a bank that trades in US dollars) will do very well, and be able to buy the goods they need.  Things like guns, bullets, gasoline, basic foodstuffs, dry firewood, etc will be in high demand, and luxury goods will be in low demand.

It's important to start thinking about how things will be if the dollar no longer holds any value.  Even now it only holds imaginary value, which, for most, is becoming less and less dependable, which is reflected in prices of goods, and the value of gold relative to the dollar.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Obama put's the blame on Congress?!?! Really?


This Article

Tells us about Obama blaming Congress for our labor and market problems.

Isn't the DOL and Federal Reserve part of the executive branch?

I'm pretty sure it is.

Well, at least the Department of Labor...

It's more like the Executive Branch is part of the Federal Reserve kindof....

ZeroHedge reports on BBC Meltdown Piece

What comes next is the Question
Here's the Zero Hedge Link

And there's more to come as Obama approves an additional Surtax on incomes over 1 million dollars. 

Gold up over 10.00 today

I expect, as always, with continued plans in Europe and the U.S to continue to propagate their fiat currency scheme for the world, that we will continue to see gold rise.

At least until they make it illegal to compare the worth of Federal Reserve Notes to gold and silver at all.

Confiscate it (again), and strike all record of these metals from history and the periodic table of the elements.

Sounds like a wet dream for the Ben Bernankster.

Here's a typical article about today's reasons for the shift in gold prices, and what 'investors' think about it:
From Northern Voices Online

The Death of Steve Jobs

Seems important to say something about.

I don't know much about the gentleman though, other than he is widely considered to be a revolutionary businessman and philanthropist.
It is unfortunate that he had Microsoft's Government Sponsored Monopoly to fight against, and wasn't granted the billions of dollars in Government Subsidies and Contracts that Microsoft was.

He worked hard for his money, seems to be the consensus.
He was proof that a small business could turn into a massive business and succeed.

I hope the current establishment (Big Government Corporate Aristocracy) doesn't completely destroy his dream by denying future entrepreneurs the same opportunity, as they seem to be intent on doing.

Here's a fourth branch piece on him.

ABC News on Steve Jobs

Rest In Peace, Sir.

A great compilation of Ron Paul videos

I thought this was awesome.

Of course I would.

Also, apparently congress is all pissed at President Obama for the whole Solyndra thing (which is outrageous certainly), but it's hard to see how it's any more outrageous than any of the other horrendous abuses of our constitutional freedoms perpetrated by the Executive Branch and it's private sector cronies on a daily basis.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greece gets the service of QuantitativeEasingIncorporated


QEInc. Europe is swinging in for it's own version of QE2 for Greece, and French bankers are, almost literally, crapping their pants.  This all amid our own fiscal troubles spells for interesting times.

Even Reuters is reporting that Europe is looking pretty grim...
I wonder if people will start to draw any conclusions from what's going on in Greece and see how the similar fiat banking practices in the United States are, as we gear up with QEInc. part 3 here at home . 

Probably not, realistically, because CNN, FoxNews, and their Ilk, continue to inform  most of our news watching population.  Unfortunately many of these individuals come out in cattle like droves, voting mindlessly for the Donkey or the Elephant, and not really realizing that it's just a shadow puppet on the wall, cast by the same hand.  If 20% of a population votes (not ours, of course,  but let's just say), and  51% of that population votes, doesn't that mean that like 10.2% of the overall population is making decisions for the other 89 percent?   I'm pretty bad at math so that  might be wrong.

Please look at what Von Mises Institute has to say about the way our economy is working and start saving wisely...  Gold and Silver hold value far better than fiat currency, as we can see from the incredible increase in the price of gold over the last 20 years.

Most of all though, don't let fear mongers like me keep you from being hopeful about your future and what you work for , just please, use it wisely.


Monday, October 3, 2011


It seems that our Senate just decided to go to (currency) war with China as they pass legislation to attempt to force the Chinese government to let it's currency inflate to 'create more US Jobs'

Bloomberg Business week Reports


How in god's name do legislators STILL THINK they can do anything to create jobs, rather than damage the private sector's ability to recover on its own (HA!).  Until we see a removal of minimum wage laws and union control of labor, there's nothing Congress can do but damage the labor market as a whole, and really REALLY piss china off. 

Gold > paper money!!!

Zero Hedge just posted this article on gold, the just of which is that those with some say so in global currency are finally starting to PUBLICLY acknowledge that gold is becoming a much better holder of value than any given paper currency.  Yay.

This might mean some scary things for those paper currencies, especially given whats going on in Europe. 

If it weren't illegal, I'd advise using silver and gold to trade instead of paper money.  *cough cough*


Nasdaq down over 3% today

Along with reports Here in the world markets that Greece failed to meet its deficit marks once again, the world economy continues to get swallowed by the bottomless pit of Keynesian economic strategies.
And yet the EU ministers continue to plan, though with some hesitation, to follow through on Greece's bailout in November despite their continued failure to use those bailouts to any significant effects.

This all occurs amid strife and protest and a probable police crackdown in Greece, the Fatherland of the democratic republic.


Also, gold is up over dollars today as well.  Wouldn't be surprised to see a continued rise in gold as all this crazy stuff going on domestically and internationally causes a drop of confidence in any currency whatever. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bernanke vs. Paul

This clip shows their fundamental difference with regard to monetary policy.
Notice the Bankster gives very few solid answers, and is visibly nervous in the face of Ron Paul's grilling:

Loaning our money to foreign governments

Well, it must clearly be up to us to save Greece through the euro, cause if not, who else would do it?  God forbid Greece fail because they took out too much debt and can't pay it back... like a whole crap ton of American Citizens. 

How, in conscience, can we keep giving American tax dollars to foreign governments, banks, and individuals when I still have credit card debt.

That's a BIG WTF.


P.S. Here's a post on Zero Hedge regarding the Fed and lending to foreign governments.  Bernankster Bailouts questionable?!

End the Fed petition!!!!

There is a petition to be signed at the We the People portion of the official white house website to end the federal reserve!

I recommend strongly at least taking a look, and encourage adding your signature!  Petition Here

Here is the forum post about the petition:  Zero Hedge Forum Post


Saturday, October 1, 2011

ATM fees by BofA and City?

ZeroHedge Posted this article today about the concern that with certain large banking institutions in the banking cartel (BofA and Citi) implementing debit card fees, many depositors will be taking their business elsewhere, precipitating, perhaps, the next government bailout on the road to a nationalized banking system. 

My advice?  Bank local.  Even credit unions seem like a good option at this point.  It won't be long before JP Morgan-Chase follows suit (indeed they already have very little to offer bankers over competing small banks).

If the government does indeed 'have' to step in again to bail these companies out, we will see an end to this supposed recovery, an increase in the price of gold, and a decrease in the value of the dollar.  Again.

Good game.

I still blame the Federal Reserve.


Going above and beyond

It seems to be discouraged these days.  Keep your head down in highschool, do just well enough that the school continues to get state and federal funding, graduate and enter wage slavery, or graduate and enter the secondary education sector, then find a career, earn wealth for those who are already wealthy, and hope to earn enough to take care of your kids and maybe retire. 

This country is lockd into a pattern.  Born, school, work and/or family, retire, die. 
There is no real questing for a return to self determination
No real yearning for the evil and corrupt phenomena we see by those in power to be curbed, but simply change hands from one group to another.  The power from big business to big military, or the power from socialism to corporatism (not capitalism).  The future begins to look bleak.  On CSPAN the other day, one of the women who sits on the board of directors even admitted that this particular 'recovery' (which is what they are calling the current economic climate) is progressing in much a different way than normal, and that way is slower, and doesn't seem to be creating the jobs we need created, or the industrial base we need to recover.  Which means if the next bust in the boom bust cycle occurs before we have a real recovery we will continue to see a consistent downward slope.



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