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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greece gets the service of QuantitativeEasingIncorporated


QEInc. Europe is swinging in for it's own version of QE2 for Greece, and French bankers are, almost literally, crapping their pants.  This all amid our own fiscal troubles spells for interesting times.

Even Reuters is reporting that Europe is looking pretty grim...
I wonder if people will start to draw any conclusions from what's going on in Greece and see how the similar fiat banking practices in the United States are, as we gear up with QEInc. part 3 here at home . 

Probably not, realistically, because CNN, FoxNews, and their Ilk, continue to inform  most of our news watching population.  Unfortunately many of these individuals come out in cattle like droves, voting mindlessly for the Donkey or the Elephant, and not really realizing that it's just a shadow puppet on the wall, cast by the same hand.  If 20% of a population votes (not ours, of course,  but let's just say), and  51% of that population votes, doesn't that mean that like 10.2% of the overall population is making decisions for the other 89 percent?   I'm pretty bad at math so that  might be wrong.

Please look at what Von Mises Institute has to say about the way our economy is working and start saving wisely...  Gold and Silver hold value far better than fiat currency, as we can see from the incredible increase in the price of gold over the last 20 years.

Most of all though, don't let fear mongers like me keep you from being hopeful about your future and what you work for , just please, use it wisely.


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