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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Introduction

I am a student, officially of Philosophy.  I am 25 years old, white, have a younger brother, a steady girlfriend, and a car on blocks.  I don't do much, but I don't do nothing.  There's something wrong.  I felt it first when I wanted to follow in my grandfather's footsteps, and become an FBI agent.  I felt it next when I wanted to venture into the political realm.  I feel it now, most strongly, as I see the feeling reflected in eyes around me.  Dramatic as this sounds, it's nothing short of accurate.  It may be said that it's just the people I associate with.  If this is the case, then the feeling is reflected in the eyes of college professors, students, lunch ladies, cab drivers, bus drivers, cops, and criminals.  I hear it in the voice of professionals and of bums.

I hope to talk a little bit about where I think this feeling comes from.
I don't hope to convince you.
I do hope to focus your attention in a different direction.
I will make claims and give arguments for those claims.
Some of these claims will be controversial.
I will appeal to reason and evidence.
I will not claim that something is too difficult or complicated for you to understand.
It's not.
I will not tell you that you're wrong, unless you are.
I will provide evidence from media, both main-stream and 'underground' whenever appropriate.
I will gladly respond to reasoned, intelligent responses to what I have to say.
I welcome discourse and argumentation, and relish being shown that I'm wrong, so that I might modify my views with what is more clearly the truth.
There are those that will be scared and angry by what I have to say.
Before you reply, in anger, or fear, it would be awesome if you would first ask yourself why you're scared or angry.  Ask yourself if you've let your mind be open to what it is that you're reading before you shut the door.

I don't claim to know more than you, I just claim to know different things.
I don't claim to be right about everything, but I don't assume that anyone else is right about everything they say either.
In fact, I assume that, some of the time, what other people say, peasant to president, is largely full of shit.

Thanks for your time, and attention,


Some few of the things I find interesting: