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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Going above and beyond

It seems to be discouraged these days.  Keep your head down in highschool, do just well enough that the school continues to get state and federal funding, graduate and enter wage slavery, or graduate and enter the secondary education sector, then find a career, earn wealth for those who are already wealthy, and hope to earn enough to take care of your kids and maybe retire. 

This country is lockd into a pattern.  Born, school, work and/or family, retire, die. 
There is no real questing for a return to self determination
No real yearning for the evil and corrupt phenomena we see by those in power to be curbed, but simply change hands from one group to another.  The power from big business to big military, or the power from socialism to corporatism (not capitalism).  The future begins to look bleak.  On CSPAN the other day, one of the women who sits on the board of directors even admitted that this particular 'recovery' (which is what they are calling the current economic climate) is progressing in much a different way than normal, and that way is slower, and doesn't seem to be creating the jobs we need created, or the industrial base we need to recover.  Which means if the next bust in the boom bust cycle occurs before we have a real recovery we will continue to see a consistent downward slope.



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