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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Leaking intel?

Treason? Maybe.  Espionage? Definitely.  Prosecutable?  Of course.  Immoral?  Hell No.

It's obviously completely screwed up that our government is keeping records of citizens' cell phone records.   Let's face it though, it's not like the government hasn't been tapping phones since phones were invented guys.  Get real.  While Snowden should be applauded for bringing to light such a blatant violation of our constitution, it's no real surprise that these things are happening.  The real surprise is the lack of foresight the intelligence community has in letting private contractors have access to such damaging information. 

Anyone else notice that Obama has invoked the Espionage Act more times than any other pres in history?   Combined?

It's amazing.  He's more of a...'socialist'  than FDR and more of a 'warmonger' than GWB (statistically we can see this by comparing the total amount of money spent on foreign military actions during the two administrations)  

Really, I haven't talked to a single (OK, well maybe ONE) person who voted for Obama who is pleased with what he's done.  At least a lot of people who voted for GWB were happy with what he was doing...


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