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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Weather effect

We should see a nice rise in gold and silver prices, and a nice increase in inflation, according to the Bankster, since the weather in the Midwest and the south is so terrible.

As an aside, it is incredibly tragic that so many people got so devastated by the Tornadoes ripping through Alabama, no sarcasm whatever.

What is additionally tragic is that the lost property will incur cost nationwide, both in the immediate sense as businesses and industry are disrupted, and in a long term sense as already non-existent government funds will be used to alleviate the suffering.

Imagine how much more help we could offer those suffering with the massive amounts of money we spend on screwing up the economy and shooting people overseas....

Oh well, the lesson is still the same, really. Buy gold, buy silver, buy ammo, buy property, and put yourself in a position to help the people around you. It's not the Governments job to do our charity for us, that takes all the charity out of it.

Here's some footage of a newscast on one of the record setting twisters in Tuscaloosa

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