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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Really? Gaddafi and M.J.

The second link down for my Google news search for Muammar al-Gaddafi leads to the following headline:

Did Muammar Gaddafi Influence Michael Jackson's Sense of Style?

The second link down. 

As the West, under the guise of NATO and the U.N., continues to help 'liberate' the people of Libya from the rule of the Tyrant (but former good buddy) Gaddafi, the most prolific search engine on the face of the earth chooses to return this story as the second most relevant return on my query. 
I have little more to say on the matter, other than it is probably as apparent that the be-robed monks of any given order are my inspiration for wearing a bathrobe as I write this. 

Further down the page, and upon further in depth search of news topics relating to the new enemy of Freedom in the middle east, we see relatively unimportant headlines, such as Libyan rebel's story shows links to Taliban, Al Qaeda, NATO, reported by the L.A. Times, along with Ex-CIA chief: Kadhafi was good partner (in Counter Terrorist efforts), reported by AFP. 

What in the hell are we doing?  It's interesting that we sold/gave the very assistance to Gaddafi, Kadhafi, Qaddafi, or however the name is spelled in your part of the world, that we are giving to his opposition, who happen to also be associated with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, who we previously supported during the cold war to fight the USSR in Afghanistan.  It's like we're just passing weapons around like prostitutes, and the STDS we get as a result are suffered on civilian populations and military personnel.

I love my country, but this blatant profiteering and flip-flopping is abhorrent, and I'm not even gaining anything from it.  Oil isn't cheaper, the dollar isn't (significantly) stronger, and my beer isn't any colder.  What the hell?  If we're going to use my tax dollars to turn the Middle East into a game of Extreme Chess: Conquest Edition, I feel like I should get something out of it besides nausea and death counts.  Maybe a collectors edition shell casing or something. 

Normally I couldn't give a damn less how the rest of the world views the United States, much as I'm sure people in Norway could give a damn less about how the United States views them, but I'd like some semblance of consistency.  Maybe I'm missing some larger picture.  It's like the greater good argument for the existence of God, but for Government Action instead.    At least God is omniscient. 

"Oh it's ok, it doesn't matter if we understand it, they know what they're doing, and I'm sure glad I don't have to make those tough decisions, hell, they even teach my kids for me these days!  I'm sure glad I pay 20-33% of my income for all these great services."


Right.  The overall picture is they're taking your money, paying for bullets and bombs, and killing people with them.  In fact, the amount of money you pay in taxes isn't anywhere NEAR enough to pay for it all, so they take out loans too.  On your behalf.  Congratulations.

It's ok though, because we're good people.  We rock that nine to five (or six to ten if you're a good, hardworking American), walk in the door, and do whatever it is that the government watches us do behind closed doors.  And today's memorial to Michael Jackson?  You stole your look from Muammar Gaddafi, bro, what the hell. 


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