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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ron Paul: NOT just a novelty candidate.

Despite CNN's quote that:

"Paul's supporters wonder if he could win a general election, and the candidate himself doubts his stamina in what could be a long GOP primary fight. "

(which as a supporter I doubt is the case at all, cause I certainly have faith in his stamina... he's a doctor for God's sake). 

It is also clear that Ron Paul is a serious threat to Gingrich's tenuous hold on the Republican Party, which is AWESOME.  When even CNN has to admit (though obviously grudgingly) that Ron Paul has a good shot at things, you know we're doing well.

Go Dr. Paul!

And although reports that :

"Though Paul has little chance to secure the Republican nomination, his campaign strategy could give him a loud voice at the GOP convention."

It seems blatant that the comment is a last ditch effort to convince those who haven't quite seen the light that Ron Paul isn't worth wasting their vote.  We know now that this isn't the case, but nice try NYDN, you're gonna go on the list of propagandists now.  This editorial comment is blatantly one sided, and not at all in the interest of balanced journalism.  This type of 'article' should be shown in journalism classes throughout the country as an example of media's attempts to control the political sphere.  The overall tone of the article seems to indicate that Dr. Paul's success is more a detriment to Gingrich than indicative of any real worthiness on Paul's part.  Again, as I said before, good ideas don't die without a strong fight.  Ron Paul for President, 2012.  He can do it, we can do it, we need to do it.


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