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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ron Paul might win?! and someone is reporting on it!

I never would have thought the day would come when a major news outlet would report anything remotely near this.  However, The Kansas City Star, owned by the McClathy Company, says in the linked article that Ron Paul will probably take second in the Iowa vote on Jan 3rd, and has a good shot at Gingrich, even. 
For all of those who say that Ron Paul isn't electable, I say ANYONE is electable, and Dr. Paul isn't just anyone.  His message of personal liberty in combination with a small, constitutionally sound government is an ageless concept, and though our founding fathers were some of the first people to attempt to implement the idea on a grand scale (not democracy, but a democratic republic)  the ideas of freedom and personal responsibility for ever member of a country is not a new idea, and is not a crazy idea, as so many people seem to think.

We HAVE NOT outgrown the ideals set down in our constitution.  This would be like saying we have outgrown the bicycle because it's an idea over 100 years old.  Good ideas don't die.  However, those who's interests are disturbed by talks of a government who is no longer ruled by the few at the expense of the many will continue to try to convince us otherwise.

Be wary!


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