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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Modern Day Gladiators

Sports is an interesting phenomenon in this country.  The ties between sports and patriotism should be evident, and sports as a propaganda tool is extremely useful.  That being said, GO SEAHAWKS. 

This year is going to be tough on the Hawks, though, they have a particularly difficult schedule, especially considering the decision to bring on T-Jack as the starting QB.  It's too bad, I think, that we aren't seeing Whitehurst up there at least sharing the role, given his performance in the playoffs last year.  Regardless, I doubt we will be seeing much playoff action except for of course our division.  The division is still weak of course, and no one really respects the rams or the niners as a contender league wide, but given T-Jack's lack of familiarty with the Seahawks offense, it will probably still be a close run to the NFC West.

One can still be disgusted with American Politics and love sports.


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