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Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to the grind

Back to wage slavery.  Well, not slavery, that's probably a bit insulting to those individuals who are actually in that position, but something similar.  Anyway, I got a job as a casino dealer, which is a great job, as the wage work goes, and something I've done before.  20 minute breaks every fourty minutes, and I get paid to gamble (though not with my own money, and as the house).  The bad part though, as ever, is taxes.  Out of an 1100 dollar paycheck, I see about 900.   *stabs eyes*   I could really use that 200 dollars.  I found out we spent something like 20 billion dollars on air conditioning in Iraq for soldiers this last year.  I don't disagree with keeping them cool, I just disagree with them being there...  I'm thinking we could do a little bit of repair to our own internal issues with that 20 billion dollars from air conditioning alone, not to mention all the other direct and indirect costs of keeping people overseas.  I also saw brief outtakes from the september 7th GOP debate, in which Ron Paul thoroughly rocked the house, despite the attempted sabatoge by those who questioned him and his opponents.  It's exciting to see his popularity rise.  I'm at work now, on one of my frequent breaks.  I've learned to deal roulette this week, which just adds another feather to my cap, sortof.  Now if i can just get proficient at craps I might be able to stop living paycheck to (barely) paycheck sometime in the next 20 years (assuming there are such things as paychecks in 20 years).  

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