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Monday, August 20, 2012

Obama warns Assad of US military action in Syria

The Jerusalem Post, that famously unbiased publication, reports today that Assad leaders threaten that if Western Powers intervene that they'll use some bio or chemical WMDs against the rebels.  Obama doesn't like that much.  It's OK to kill people with bullets, shrapnel and fire, but nothing else, of course.   Mostly because the bullets and bombs were probably purchased from us at some point, on one side or the other.  God forbid one side do something to definitively end the fighting.  Not that chem or bio weps are cool or anything, but damn, I really don't wanna pay for more wars, you know?  I mean, yeah, agonizing death results from a gut shot from a bullet, and can take days longer than death from chemical or biological weapons, but that's irrelevant.  Dying in agony is dying in agony, I would think. 

Anyway, it's clearly a threat to Israel if Assad uses them within it's own borders.  Somehow.  I don't know why we even keep up pretenses of being a 'global force for good' as the navy propaganda would have us believe.  Cause you know the first thing that will happen is cruise missiles from our fleet in the Mediterranean will start flying around, followed by navy pilot flyovers.  How many times will they bomb the wrong force based on shaky intelligence from questionable informants?  once or twice more than is reported probs. 

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